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The Band
Rich DiBenedetto
Round wooden things & round metal things
Tom Fejes
Bass Guitar and Vocals
Pedulla 5-string bass; Eden WT-600 Roadrunner amp; Ampeg (1-15in) & Eden D-210T (2-10in) cabinets; Ernie Ball & Rotosound Strings; Korg Bass Compressor, Electro-harmonix Q-Tron Envelope filter
Gary Morrell
Electric Guitar and Vocals
Carvin electric guitar; Gibson 'The Gibson' guitar; Fender Super Reverb; numerous pedals
Jamison Smeltz
Sax, Vocals, Percussion
Selmer Mk VI alto sax; Yanagisawa tenor sax; La Voz medium reeds; Acoustic amp; Shure wireless mic system; Piles of pedals

Contact Information, Booking and Management
Ten Ton Chicken is managed by

Lucky Bleaver Productions
1700 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94709
Phone: +1 (510) 843-6389, +1 (888) 420-0420
Fax: +1 (510) 843-6390
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  • Bill De Zenzo at +1 (510) 338-2264 or e-mail for bookings or publicity inquires
  • E-mail for stage and performance inquiries
  • Vern Keenan at +1 (415) 420-2965 or email for website inquiries
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