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Ten Ton Chicken adds Bay Area's Worst Keyboard Player

September 17 , 2012 (Berkeley, CA) -- The Large Fowl is honored to welcome the Bay Area's Worst Keyboard Player to its nest. Welcome Special Ed.

Ten Ton Chicken Releases Minus Man video

May 10, 2010 (Berkeley, CA) -- From eggs hatch chicks, and on the heels of TTC's new release (Efitol) comes a mashup that is threatening to go viral. The Minus Man provides the soundtrack for a rogues gallery of the greed & corruption dream team, and fall out from their evil ways. Finding its way around cyberspace, the YouTube entry has struck a chord with folks who are really sick of this stuff. Have a look see at the images of some all-star crooks, and remember - when those guys are around, it just don't add up. They'd roll a bum just to borrow his cup.

Ten Ton Chicken awakens from Hybernation

April 20, 2010 (Berkeley, CA) -- Ten Ton Chicken is busting out of the coop and one must wonder what the big bird has been eating. The usual blend of funk/psych/jam is ever present, along with a little bluegrass, a little reggae, a lot of harmonies, and some downright fun. The new album is Efitol, available from HomeGrown records and the Ten Ton Chicken website. With less time out on the gig circuit, the band has gotten their recording game on, and is proud to present a fakers dozen (11) of new song-based eggs. Scramble 'em up!

Ten Ton Chicken says Efitol

August 1, 2006 (Beaver Creek, CO) -- Ten Ton Chicken has awakened from its restive slumber and was heard to crow something about upcoming shows and a new CD entitled, "Efitol"

Ten Ton Chicken releases "In Search of..."

August 14, 2003 (Mebane, NC) -- "In search Of...", on Harmonized Records is Ten Ton Chicken's second CD has been released. The new CD has received professional efforts in recording, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and promotion. The sophomore CD promises to impress with an eclectic selection of originals influenced by Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues and improvisational Grooves. Recorded at iMusicast Studios in Oakland, CA, "In Search Of" was remixed and Mastered by Grammy Award winning Rock 'n Roll engineer Michael Rosen (Santana, Joe Satriani, the Donnas, Eddie Money...) at Skyline Studios in Oakland, CA. Distribution of the CD will be done via numerous outlets including Amazon, CD Baby, Artist Direct, the Home Grown Music Network, Open Mind Music and select music retail outlets. Live performances are in the works for both coasts.

Ten Ton Chicken to Record Sophomore CD
February 20, 2003 (Berkeley, CA) -- Ten Ton Chicken has announced having entered the studio to record their second CD. The all studio recording will be the follow-up to their acclaimed 2001 studio/live mix CD, "Just Like in the Old Country", released in 2001. The Bay Area improvisational groove rock band began sessions at Oakland's iMusicast Studios in early February. A title has yet to be given to the project which has a Spring release date.

See the full text of the press release.

Ten Ton Chicken On ProgEdge "Best Of..." Lists for 2002
January, 2003 (San Diego, CA) -- Ten Ton Chicken and several of the band members have been named to the Best Of... lists on Progressive Edge, the community site expanding the frontiers of progressive music of all types. ProgEdge is entertaining while rediscovering the roots of progressive music and celebrating the current musical styles that have evolved.

Ten Ton Chicken Pronounced "On the Verge" by Relix
Oct. 1, 2002 - Relix magazine names Ten Ton Chicken as an "On the Verge" band. Relix Music Journalist Mick Skidmore's review of Ten Ton Chicken's CD, "Just Like in the Old Country" can be read in the "On the Verge" column of the current issue of Relix magazine or on-line here.

LoCal SoCal Chicken
Oct. 9, 2002 - The Ten Ton Chicken road show finds the big fowl in the LoCal of SoCal this weekend. The Chicken has 4 shows in 3 days to entertain the good folks about the golden state. Stops in new favorites San Diego and San Lois Obispo and an inaugural Santa Barbara gig offer Chicken specials up and down the west coast. TTC show dates are available here.

"Coop de Village" Inaugural Show Announced
Oct. 7, 2002 The first ever "Coop de Village" experienced is scheduled for Nov. 1, 2002. "Coop de Village" will be a series of Ten Ton Chicken performances amidst a myriad of other artistic activities to be held bi-monthly at iMusicast Studios in Oakland, CA. The event will be a public gathering with multiple Bands, DJs, Artists, Catered Delicacies, Light Shows, Glass Blowers, Dancing, and Performance Art. The Chicken will remain as the Village house band with select bands, DJs and special guests promised to perform at all future events. Taos Hum will also perform. TTC show dates can be found here.

Ten Ton Chicken Headlines the Seattle Hemp Festival
Aug. 17, 2002 - Ten Ton Chicken's main stage performance at the Seattle Hemp Festival was down for the cause and the hemp advocates dug it. The two day annual event is the largest of its kind attracting over 80,000 people. A review of the festivals Friday night warm-up gig at the Rainbow is available here.

The Chicken inks a deal with Harmonized Records
Feb. 20, 2002 - The Chicken has signed a record deal with Harmonized Records. The debut release, Just Like in the Old Country, will be available next month.

Spring Tour taking shape
Dec. 15, 2001 - The Chicken is currently booking an extensive tour of the West Coast with shows from San Diego to Missoula Montana. Included on this tour will be the first Chicken shows in Washington and Idaho. Anyone who can assist in promoting these shows in encouraged to contact We'll get you into the show for free and buy you a drink or two.

Ten Ton Chicken Interview on
Nov 11, 2001 - is featuring Ten Ton Chicken as the artist of the month, and posted an extended interview with Gary, Nick, and Jamison. Ten Ton Chicken Interview

TTC Goes into Studio to Record Debut Album
Nov 9, 2001 - The Chicken is slowing down its performance schedule for the next couple of months in order to record their debut album. Ground was broken on Oct 30 by recording basic tracks for the songs Handle and Punchytown Jamboree. They hope to have a release completed by the Spring.

TTC Returns from tour of the Northwest
Sep 29, 2001 - The Chicken returned from a succesful tour of the Nortwest. Great shows in Eugene, Hood River, Arcata, and Missoula.

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